10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Music Therapist

We all know that music therapists are all-around awesome. We do a lot in our work. We observe amazing things in music therapy

And these are 10 reasons why you should date (heck, MARRY!) a music therapist.

1. We possess lots of great attributes you want in a person – we are creative, talented, musical, tech-savvy, caring, dedicated, patient, passionate, and memorable.

2. We adapt and fit in any situation you throw at us. Heck, we even have a song for that. Nothing scares us.

3. You will probably get a lot of alone time and full control of the TV remote. Session planning, researching, writing grants, learning new songs, laminating, and organizing instruments takes a lot of time.

4. We have a song for every situation (yup, there’s a song for that!).

5. We are smart. Pre-clinical placements, internship, and CBMT exam? No problem.

6. We have an organized car — because it acts as our office, our music studio, our closet, and our instrument transporter. And we probably have a sweet sound system.

7. We are logical, practical, and objective because…evidence-based practice, of course.

8. We are super patient. We are in it for the long haul.

9. We are great at scheduling a date. Because we are Tetris Scheduling Masters. If you need to cancel, make sure to give us 24 hours notice.

10. You will be dating a superhero.

Am I missing more reasons? Let me know in the comments. 🙂 


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Julie is a music therapist. She also has extensive website design and online marketing experience (18+ years!). Her mission is to help music therapists create, enhance, and ROCK their online presence. Julie lives in Michigan with her husband and her 2 daughters.

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