25 Music Therapy Blog Post Ideas

I always love reading music therapy blogs around the interwebs, and I love to see what talented music therapists are writing, sharing, reflecting on, and talking about. If you are a music therapy blogger (new or seasoned!), you may looking for new topics to cover.

Here is a list of 25 possible topics that you can grab, tweak, and share with your audience.

25 Music Therapy Blog Ideas || Serenade Designs

  1. Go through your music therapy instruments and tools and photograph/write about your most useful pieces.
  2. Create your own wishlist of music therapy instruments, tools, and props. Ask you audience what they would include on your wishlist (who knows, maybe a family member or friend will see your wishlist and give you a present!).
  3. Recap your past year in terms of your music therapy work (be mindful of confidentiality).
  4. Take the next holiday/season and blog about your plans for using that theme within your clinical work.
  5. Write weekly posts about gratitude.
  6. Recap or link to your most popular posts from your blog from the past year.
  7. Blog about an upcoming presentation, workshop, or conference that you will be attending. Share what you are looking forward to the most.
  8. Check in with a recap or a few separate posts on challenges you’ve pushed yourself to do. Follow-ups are always fun to read about!
  9. Write about the biggest mistake, investment, challenge, or celebration you made last year and what you learned along the way.
  10. Put together a playlist and share it with your followers.
  11. Share what you’ve been reading or what courses you’ve been taking online or offline.
  12. Have you ever wanted to try calligraphy, photography, knitting, or cooking? Take a creative online class and share your final project.
  13. Share your favorite self care exercise.
  14. Create a reading list for the year and share it with your audience.
  15. Write about your experiences with service and volunteering – through music therapy organizations, local organizations, and/or online organizations. My daughter and I volunteer monthly at a local organization that packs sack suppers for kids who wouldn’t otherwise receive dinner. It’s an amazing organization, and I want more people to know about it!
  16. Review/recap a music therapy research article that focuses on your target audience.
  17. Write a beginner’s guide to music therapy – anything from how to become a music therapist to what happens in a music therapy session to how to become a music therapy researcher.
  18. Create a blog post about a person in the healthcare field that you respect.
  19. Update your biography and about page on your website and share the information with your audience.
  20. Share your five top tips for organizing your music therapy materials (anything from songs, sheet music, interventions, materials, tools, to the trunk of your car or your office!).
  21. Write a blog post inspired by singular words: Music, therapy, family, joy, life, love, dream, heart, hope.
  22. Share the the best advice you received as a music therapy student or young professional.
  23. Share how you got started in music and how you discovered music therapy.
  24. Write a letter to your younger self.
  25. Share one thing that you wish you knew how to do, and share your plan for how you are going to try it!


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